AF just messaged me about this. Who the FUCK does he think he is to even deserve talking to me?? Fuck him to hell. I can’t get a restraining order, I can’t sue because I’d just lose money in the process. I want him back in jail, and I want him to stay there.

so apparently this is my dad’s story, and they’ll be updating the names within 24 hours

Honestly, I feel way worse for my siblings, my mom, and my dad’s parents.

I’ll probably be back in Boone either Thursday night or Friday morning, and I’ll definitely be spending my weekend drinking and doing dumb shit, so you guys should come to my apartment to keep me from going insane.

We’re going to have to tell mr wieland god help me

i haven’t heard my mother break down like this since my dad went missing for a while when i was in middle school and her mom was super sick at the same time

All of you are amazing, and I love all of you so much.

Anonymous said: I'm praying for you so hard

I appreciate it very much, dear.

He would’ve wanted to go like this - volunteering on a mission and listening to stupid 80s music.


AND to think how long this fuckery has been going on!!!!!! My father was killed eight years ago, and here this family is eight years later having to face death of a father and a husband. This fucking bullshit has lasted over a damn decade and what the FUCK do we have to show for it besides hundreds and thousands of deaths and injuries both physical and mental.

They’re both wars that we never should’ve gotten involved with. Politicians will do anything they can think of to get the upper hand.


My heart just shattered. I’m so beyond over these stupid fucking wars. We’re losing loved ones in a fucking war that’s nothing but absolute politics. Bullshit ass politics is being chosen over human lives.

One time last year, I was spending the weekend with my family, and my dad and Seamus and Bailey and I went into Fayetteville while mom was working, and we were on skibo in the middle of the day and it was super packed like normal, so my dad pulled up the most obnoxious song on youtube to list all 50 states and started playing it as loud as he could with his truck’s crazy ass stereo system to embarrass Bailey and Seamus, and it was so stupidly hilarious.